Who We Are

Christ’s Freedom for Haiti (CFH) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which was formed in February, 2007. Prior to its formation, missionary Volner Alexandre visited the US and spoke in churches throughout Illinois and Kentucky to raise awareness of the needs of the people in Haiti in general and the people of Pouillé, Haiti in particular. The ministry that Volner began with a church of five people had outgrown its building and a larger church building was in the beginning stages. The ministry also added a school which offered Christian education and a meal. There was a need of support to feed the school children, provide school supplies and pay staff.

Volner Alexandre contacted several men who had shown an active interest in the ministry and asked if they would be willing to form a board to advise him as the field missionary and to help raise support for the ministry. Five men answered that call and the first meeting held in Carthage, IL included: Larry Smith, Jim Jefferson, Clarence Waldinger, Michael Sheets, and Don Adkisson. Since that time, two additional men have joined this group: Jamie Wilson and Neil Greenwood.

God's hand has been evident in the ministry since its formation.  Some of those evidences are: the completion of the new church building with an average of 200-250 people in attendance on Sunday morning; Sunday night church service; Thursday night Prayer Meeting; Friday night Bible Study; Saturday 
morning Bible training for the church leadership. Approximately 300 children from kindergarten through 6th grade attend school and are fed a meal of rice and beans. For some, this may be the only meal they have each day. There are eleven teachers, along with seven helpers and kitchen crew. Currently, a sewing building is under construction to be used for teaching a trade and is offered to the people in Pouillé.  

In addition, other villages are also being supported through the efforts of Christ's Freedom for Haiti: The ministry at Seau d'eau, which includes a church of 75 people and a school of approximately 100 children, is assisted with funds from CFH to help pay wages for their staff. CFH, partnering with I.D.E.S., also provides food for distribution in Savanette. Shortly after the earthquake in 2010, CFH assisted in securing a well to provide clean water for the people of Savanette in order to promote better health and hygiene. Members from the church of Pouillé have recently begun to reach out to the people of the remote village of Vieux Cayes by visiting, providing communion for their services and building benches for their church and school. 

Christ’s Freedom for Haiti’s purpose is to preach the Good News of eternal salvation 
and show God’s love and compassion to all peoples in Haiti without discrimination.