Ministry Partners

Christ's Freedom for Haiti is very grateful for the following ministry partners.

International Disaster Emergency Service (I.D.E.S.) - 
I.D.E.S. has stood beside the ministry at Pouillé with their grants of support for various projects. They have helped with food, goats, fabric, sewing machines and water to name a few. They have always come to the aid of the Haitian people following tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Missionary Flights International (MFI) - 
Missionary Flights International is a valuable resource for CFH by providing mail and flight options between the U.S. and Haiti. They were instrumental in getting Volner and his family to the United States after the 2010 earthquake which left their home in Port-au-Prince destroyed

Samaritan Air - 
CFH first became aware of Samaritan Air in 2008 after Hurricane Ike struck Haiti. They were instrumental in getting supplies to remote villages by helicopter. Samaritan Air helped again after the devastating earthquake of January, 2010 and continue to seek ways to help the people of Haiti become more self-sufficient in food production.

Flights For Christ -
Flights For Christ exists in part by "connecting Southern Illinois and the surrounding area with Haiti and the Dominican Republic." They "provide a means of transporting supplies, missionaries, medical
personnel, equipment, etc." Christ Freedom for Haiti collected shoeboxes for the children of Poullé and other remote villages in Novemeber 2013. Flights For Christ assisted in getting those boxes to the children.