Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Help?

Most importantly - Pray for the ministry!

Please pray for a hedge of protection around Volner Alexandre as he travels to provide food and supplies to the villages. Also Pray for comfort and peace for all of the Alexandre family while they are temporarily separated by many miles and adjusting to a very different culture. Please pray for wisdom for the board of directors to know how best they can guide and support Volner in order to help the people of Haiti.

Also, if you are led you can give financially!

How is My Financial Gift Used?

To continue the work in Haiti, we need financial gifts.  
                                        Some of these funds are used for:
Teacher wages
School tuition, supplies and uniforms
Truck Expense

How Do I Go & Serve with CFH?

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and go where God is at work in a mighty way, a short-term mission trip to Pouillé, Haiti may be your calling.

Visiting Missionary Policy:

The CFH Board and Volner Alexandre would like to express heart-felt appreciation to the many people who have contributed their time and talents for the work of the church and school in Pouille.  As more teams continue to come, it has become necessary to establish some guidelines for visiting groups.  

They are as follows:

   1. A $25 per person/per night fee will be collected in 
        order to maintain the facility.  
   2. A $30 per person/per day fee will be collected for 
       each day that the truck or other vehicle is used.
   3. Smoking while riding in the pastor’s vehicle, 
       whether on the church compound or in the village is
       not supportive to the ministry.
   4. To avoid jealousy, any donation to a needy family or
       individual (Christian or non-Christian) can be made 
       freely, but privately.
   5. The generator stays on until 10 P.M. with some 

                    Thank you for understanding the need for these guidelines.

                                    If you are interested in traveling to Haiti, 
                            please contact our forwarding agent, Jennifer Boyer